General Rules

Last Updated 2nd January 2020


Players are not allowed to use or knowingly benefit from the use of cheats. Anything obtained from the use of cheats is subject to removal from the game server(s).

Permanent Ban

Toxic Communication

This is Rust. If you’re easily offended, this is not the game for you.

Ban Evasion

Players caught circumventing a ban will never play again. We only issue bans in the most extreme circumstances. If you cannot wait out the punishment you are not welcome here.

Permanent Ban


Play within the intended play zone. Not under terrain or inside rocks. Play fair.

3 days & (base deletion)


Doxing simply will not be tolerated.

3 days (severity dependent)

Admin Abuse

In short.. absolutely fucking not. We take pride in the vetting of our staff however mistakes do happen. When suspicions of abuse arise we want to address them. Ranting in chat does nothing to address the problem and may result in a Moderation response. If you suspect admin abuse, please email us directly at [email protected]. All reports will be dealt with and are kept strictly confidential regardless of the outcome.

Immediate removal

Playing as a moderator

Aside from community events moderators do not participate in normal gameplay on their moderator accounts. Instead, we ask that moderators use an alternate account to experience the full range of Rust gameplay.

Interested in joining us?

Applications open up every once in awhile. If you’re interested in joining our team, please check and see if staff applications are open at