Base Building Rules

Last Updated 29th Oct 2018

All penalties described in our rules are purely there for admins to go by. They are not set in stone and penalties issued are down to Admin discretion.

Build Locations

Restricted building areas no-build zones will not allow you to place a flag. If you can place a flag, you may build in that location. Admins have the right to change no-build zones at any time. You will be assisted in relocating should this happen. Building outside the map is not allowed.

Road Access

No base may block a road if that road is a passage route or a road leading to a compound or something of significance Some Roads lead to nowhere or a group of broken shacks. These roads may be blocked. Bases can be built over a road as a checkpoint-like base, but ALL land vehicles must be able to pass freely beneath constructions with no obstacles blocking their route.

Base Removal - 1 day ban

Flags and Storage

Flagpoles and gear storage must be placed in an accessible position. Flags and gear storage cannot be placed inside of rocks, containers, underwater or in any position where another player cannot access, steal or raid the object. Flags must be accessible from ground level, this means the player must be able to start from the outside of your base on the ground and make it to the flag without having to use a helicopter etc. to get into the flag room and get out the same way without difficulty. At least one side of the flag MUST be a wall or door from Exile Mod, not Extended Base Mod except the Brick or metal walls. If building an ocean base, flag must be above water level, and have a floor under it at all times so that it is able to be stolen if raided. No objects may be placed directly on the flag.

Base Removal - 3 day ban


There must be a space around the flag or containers (1x1 box recommended) With a maximum of 4 walls OR 3 walls and a door as the flag room. - DO NOT place any object(s) on the flag or container(s). You may use Extended Base Mod items, however, at least one side of the box must be made of Exile walls or doors. There will be no layering/stacking of walls.

Base Removal


The maximum amount of walls to access a flag should be THREE WALLS (including the flag room's wall). This means if someone was to raid your base, they could steal your flag after breaking through three walls/doors. Additionally, All walls/objects need to be far enough apart that a player can walk between them. Any violations found during periodic inspections will be removed without notice.

Base Removal


Sky-bases are NOT allowed. Bases have to be accessible from the ground.

Base Removal - 3 day ban

Trader/Safe Zones

Bases built near trader/safe zones must not engage players, vehicles, or aircraft attempting to leave/land at the trader/safe zone. Basically, if you choose to build close to a safe zone, don't camp it. An admin will delete it with no compensation for repeat offenses.

Base Removal - 1 day ban

Height Restrictions

Tanoa: 60m, Panthera: 30m, Malden: 25m Chernarus: 30m. Any bases taller than these heights will have their parts removed that go over this height. As this would be exploiting the system in place.

Base objects removal

Base names

Must not be racist, homophobic, advertising, or related to restart notifications! Territories deemed offensive will be renamed or fully removed. You must also give your base a name. Do not leave it blank.

change of name by Admin


Under no circumstances are you allowed to remove base parts that would make either your flag, or your storage unraidable/unhackable while your base is being raided.

Admins grant access to base to allow raid - 1 Day Ban

Base Moving/Removal

If you wish to remove or relocate your base, you can either wait for it to expire or pay to have your base moved. It will cost you 150k PER LEVEL. We will NOT be giving you the money to bring your flag back up to the level it was at. This includes deleting or packing all contents into a box. If we pack the base, the box is given to you and if you lose it, it's not our problem.

Extended base mod

Towers/buildings/Large Objects from EBM will NOT be used to surround your base or make up your entire base and/or used as entire walls or make it inaccessible in any way. Do not place objects floating in mid-air from EBM as they are see through from underneath. These items were added to give you flexibility in customizing your base. Abuse of these EBM Parts will result in deletion by an admin with no compensation. Use Cargo Containers for what they are supposed to be used for.

Base Removal

Towers/Large EBM items

Limit of One Solar Tower, Cargo tower, Castle tower, and Hangar per territory to limit map clutter. Extras will be removed. Additionally, Cargo Towers and Hangars must be built on the ground, the Solar Tower and Castle Tower must be built on the ground to avoid breaking base height limit.

Base Removal

Static Missions

No bases shall be built and used to camp static missions. Abuse of bases in static mission locations will be subject to removal. If you wish to shoot at a static mission, leave the base you are currently in. You may not use any territories to shoot at a static mission.

Base Removal - 2 Day Ban

Bunkers/Tank rooms

You must not build rooms to sit your Tanks/Other armed vehicles inside of so that you can shoot at people without them being able to shoot back at you. You must *NOT* have a roof over your tank when using it at your base.

Base Removal - 1 Day Ban

One base per real life person, per server.

If you are using and paying for friends' bases, and this friend does not play our server anymore or it is infact a second account of yours, and we have reason to believe either of these things to be true, we reserve the right to remove any extra bases you are using.

Base Removal - 1 week Ban

Base Cameras

Please refrain from having base cameras floating in mid-air.

Deletion of objects.

Flag Image

When prompted to pick a design for the flag, please pick one.

We will pick your design for you. It won't be pretty.

Grey Areas.

Should you have any issues or queries with our rules, we advise that you ALWAYS take it up with an Admin either in TeamSpeak or Discord. And remember, the Grey areas are NOT for hiding in and Admin Discretion is in force here. What ever the Admin's decision is, that decision is final. Do not attempt to seek advice from another Admin after verdicts have been made.