Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact a member of staff?

You can contact a member of staff several ways on the contact page.

What can I get for donating?

Here at GADD, we do not give anyone, anything, in return for donations. You will be assigned a donator role in Discord and that is it. Donations will also NOT be refunded under any circumstances.

What time do the servers restart?

The Tanoa server restarts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 AM&PM EST every day.
The Altis server restarts at 2, 5, 8 and 11 AM&PM EST every day.

How much does it cost to upgrade my flag and what happens if I do?

Below is information for the levels of territory flags on our servers.

How much respect do I need to by the *insert colour here* items?

Below is information for required respect to purchase higher end equipment on our servers.

How long does it take to plant charges?

The following information is times taken to plant bombs.

Wood: 90 seconds.
Metal: 3 Minutes.
Concrete: 5 Minutes.

How do I use the Base Spawn?

You must have a Level 3 base and have been logged in or died 20 min ago and must have died 2km away from your base.

How often does loot spawn?

Loot spawns on our servers every 40 seconds. And has a lifetime of 8 minutes. It will spawn 55m around you and you may come accross 10 loot spots per building each with up to 2 items in it.

How can I get around quickly in the server?

You can spawn vehicles via the Xm8 by pressing '6'. These do cost a little money. You can also find random vehicles dotted around the map.

How long do I have every time I pay for my territory?

Your territory will be removed from the map if you have not paid for 8 days. It is 8 days because we wanted you to have a week with a day just in case you cannot get online the following week on the same day. You can pay for your territory via the Exile Server Manager Bot in our Discord. You may only do this 3 times before you are forced to log into the server and pay for it this way.

How long can I leave my vehicles on the map for?

Vehicles left outside and cluttered on the map will delete after 4 days of not being used. You can prevent this, however, by storing your vehicles in the Virtual Garage of a base. We recommend you use the Virtual Garage anyway as we run periodic and random Mass Vehicle Deletes on each server from time to time as they build up faster than they de-spawn. So you could become a victim of this too which we do not compensate for either.

If someone steals my flag, how long do I have until it is automatically deleted?

You have 3 days after someone raids your flag to pay your ransome. If you do not pay, you will lose your flag.

What happens if my base does get deleted?

On GADD, we have coded the base deleter to remove your territory off of the map and chuck all Vehicles stores inside the Virtual Garage out with pincodes set to '0000'. This is rewarding for the raiders 3 days later and also a surprise for anyone who comes across an old base location as there will be vehicles for them to take for free. After a further 8 days after map deletion, the territory is fully deleted from our database and is not recoverable.

In what circumstances would a territory be recoverable?

If you were found to be in a situation that prevented you from using your PC or your Discord app on your phone that was unplanned or unfortunate, we may make exceptions and restore the base. The vehicles that were popped out may still be there, but unfortunately there is no proof of them ever existing or belonging to your base so you won't get those back. This is up to the staff to decide the fate of your base.

What vehicles can I load my Jet into, to transport it?

Here is a nice list for you:

  • MI-6A/T Hook
  • Blackfish Vehicle (Unarmed)
  • HEMTT/Exile Spelled wrong "HEMMT"
  • Zamak
  • Tempest
  • M977A4

Are there cool commands to use in game?

Below are a list of our commands in ArmA 3 Exile. Simpy open your chat box and go to type them to get them to work.

  • !ts - Displays our TeamSpeak address.
  • !discord - Displays our Discord address.
  • !website - Displays our Website's address.
  • !admin - Tells you how to get an admin in our servers.
  • !pee - Piss on someone... or their dead body. What ever suits you.
  • !finger/!fuck - Stick your finger up at the nearest admin, after you have pissed on them...
  • !surrender/!giveup/!hands - Put your hands up... sometimes it works, sometimes they shoot you anyway.
  • !dab - Is this still a trend?

Are there any other timings I should know about when I play the GADD Servers?


  • Containers outside of territories last for 5 days, constructions such as workbenches last for 2 and all doors and containers pin codes are set to '0000' after 1 day of the flag being stolen.
  • Wood walls take 45 seconds to repair, Metal takes 90 and Concrete takes 2 Minutes.
  • Hotwiring takes 3 Minutes and has a 30% failure chance.
  • Grinding a door takes 15 minutes and has a 15% failure chance resulting in a loss of equipment.
  • Hacking also takes 15 minutes and has a 25% failure chance resulting in a 50% chance for the Laptop to break.
  • Flag Hacking only takes 12 Minutes and has a 10% failure chance.

What can I do if I have been permanently banned?

You may appeal any bans via a ticket in our Discord. When your ticket is created, there will be a thorough investigation where, if possible, there will be evidence provided as to why you were banned. If the appeal is successful, you will be informed of this and you will be unbanned effective-immediately from our servers.

What can I do if I have been community banned?

In very rare circumstances, the administration team may unanimously decide to permanently ban an individual from the community if they have been excessively harmful to it. Community bans are rarely revoked. But in the same respect, you can Email our support inbox.

How do I report another player for breaking rules within the game server?

Players that are believed to be breaking rules can be reported via our Discord by creating a ticket.

Where can I submit my suggestions regarding the game server?

Our server relies on community suggestions so if you have any, feel free to submit them in our Discord.

Can I apply to become a GADD member?

To become a GADD Member you must submit a form on our GADD Member Application page. The staff team and some respected GADD Members will then cast a vote on your acceptance.

What are my perks for being a GADD Member?

If you get accepted by our staff team, you will have access to perks in our servers. These include having access to the GADD flag for your bases on Exile as well as having a slightly better randomized spawn loadout when ever you respawn. You get the GADD Member tag in TeamSpeak and Discord and receive help first before regular players, also granting you access to the GADD Memebers only sections for both platforms. You will also have a greater say in the future of our community as we ask GADD Members first on how we can improve their home. As for our other servers, our perks vary so please ask a member of staff.

How do I apply for a position on the staff team?

To apply to the staff team, you must contact us via Email:

What should I do if I am unsure on certain rules?

You can post in our Discord where staff and senior members of the community can clarify rules. You can also join our TeamSpeak server and have a member of staff verbally explain a rule.

What are the Hardware Specifications for the box that GADD is running?

Our box that hosts TeamSpeak and our two Exile servers is the best Game Server setup that OVH has to offer. It costs us £141/$180 for the Dedicated server and Windows license each month.
The Specs are as follows:

  • Intel i7 7700k OC @ 5GHz
  • 64GB DDR4 Server Spec RAM running at 3200MHz
  • 2x450GB Superfast NVMe SoftRaid SSD Storage
  • 1Gbps High Speed Internet connection
  • Windows Server 2016

How was GADD Formed?

Back when Exile first started it was 3 friends from an ArmA 2 community that started GADD. Monkeynutz, Electricduece and Gerard. Monkey being the only Brit on the team, was okay with GADD being USA Based.
Gerard left due to disagreements, at which point Monkey deleted everything that he made because it was broken, and started fresh. Electricduece soon left too because of Work, Playth1s joined Monkeynutz but departed in early December 2018 also due to work and social life.
Monkeynutz mainly coded GADD right from the start after Gerard's departure and assisted in the Exile community with the release of scripts and addons for all servers to use, taking over and fixing ExAd which was the most downloaded addon for Exile at the time and assisted in bug fixing Exile and testing updates. Root has been here from the beginning too as Root and Monkeynutz met IRL in the same January that GADD was formed in 2016.
After nearly 3 years, after Playth1s stepped down, Monkey decided to bring in more people to help GADD in it's development. Bringing on Root to the Owner circle, Brett Nordin who is renowned in the Exile community and mjhac who has been an Admin from the start.

Why are there 4 Owners of GADD?

Each Owner of GADD has their own special part in the community.

  • Monkeynutz - Original founder, developer of the Exile servers.
  • Root - Long time Web developer for GADD, has had Monkey's back since the beginning, infiSTAR Admin and Monkey's Boyfriend IRL.
  • Brett Nordin - Developer of Exile 64-Bit, Developer of Exile Scripts, Fixes and much more, Owner of the Official Test servers for GADD.
  • mjhac - Long time Head Admin for GADD, now Owner, Owner of other game servers for GADD and head of the Community Expansion Project.