SafeZone Rules

Last Updated 21st July 2019

Combat Avoidance

Running, flying or driving into a safezone while in combat with another player is allowed. However, an intent to enter a safe zone does not make you safe from attack. If you run towards a safezone to avoid combat and die on the way, it is NOT considered safezone camping. Engaging someone who is blatantly running towards a safezone that you have not previously encountered and are not in combat with you, is still considered safezone camping and people found to be repeatedly going after others who are on their way into safezones will be punished.

Safezone loitering/Spotting

Whether you are inside or in the immediate vicinity of the safe zone, loitering is not allowed. If you are seen or reported for killing somebody who has just left the safezone, or are camping the safe zone to target people entering, you will be punished accordingly. You are also not allowed to spot targets or inform others of those leaving the safezone. If you are hovering above a safezone, we will always assume you are scanning or targeting. Don't do it. Additionally, leaving the safezone just to kill another player that you see outside a safezone or destroy their vehicle is not permitted.

Safezone Encounters

Players who cross paths in the immediate vicinity of a safezone should avoid engaging eachother, especially when one player appears to have just left the safezone. Players who are fired upon immediately after leaving a safezone, or players who are fired upon by someone who has just left a safe zone, should contact an admin and provide video evidence and/or screenshots of the encounter. Admins will determine who is at fault and resolve the situation at their discretion.

Leaving Safezone

If you leave a safezone and are killed after leaving, regardless of distance, as long as the other player was not deliberately waiting for you (Camping - See below rule), no action will be taken. This rule may alter under different circumstances as a Helicopter being shot down after leaving is different to engagement on the ground as the attacker would have had to point their AA towards the safezone, this could be classed as camping.
If the other person was leaving the safezone with you or sees you leave and leaves and then kills you knowing you are now not safe, we will consider taking action.

Safezone Camping

Camping is defined as: "A camper is a video gamer who finds a strategic spot within a level and waits there for players, game-controlled enemies or choice items to appear. This strategy is known as camping"
If you believe someone to be camping the safezone to deliberately kill people entering and leaving, and for combat advantages, please contact an admin. They were NOT camping, if they kill you in the vicinity and for example were on their way to and from a safezone. Although we do not condone this behaviour, we will not punish those who engage around our safezones. ONLY if you are leaving safezone and they engage you. (See prior rule)
If you are on your way INTO a safezone and you are being shot at, please see the first rule on this page.
Please also note that we do not enforce this rule for Boat Traders which are marked on the map by an Anchor icon.


Do not attempt to interact with anyone else's belongings while in the safezone unless you have permission from the owner of that particular vehicle/crate/item(s).
DO NOT attempt to unlock, access the inventory of, flip/rotate, or enter other people's vehicles etc.
DO NOT attempt to access any inventories of vehicles, crates or ground loot.

Space Projects

Do not ram other players or their vehicles in the safe zone. Do not "launch" other people's vehicles, INCLUDING FRIENDS.

Parked Vehicles

Leaving vehicles on the edge of a safezone in an attempt to exploit the safezone boundaries will result in that vehicle being deleted. You are either in or out of the safezone, not slightly in it for the god mode and slightly out of it so your vehicle does not unlock on a restart. We know about this exploit and it may even result in a ban since this is cheating. THIS APPLIES ONLY TO VEHICLE RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF SAFEZONE. Vehicle wipes do happen, so vehicles should be kept in bases/virtual garages when possible.

Pushing vehicles

Pushing vehicles into the safezone before a restart to be able to sell them when you join the server again because they will be unlocked is prohibited.

Safezone Ducking

Do not use the safezone for a combat advantage. Flying or driving into a safezone and using it to get the protection or using the protection before engaging or running from combat is one example of this.

Vehicle Ownership

Vehicle ownership transfers to the player who drove or flew the vehicle into the safe zone, even if that vehicle was taken from the original owner outside of the safe zone. When two competing players enter a safe zone in the same vehicle, they have dual ownership, and the vehicle can be taken by either player. In this circumstance, either player can sell the vehicle while still in trader, or can assume sole ownership by leaving trader in the vehicle alone. This does NOT mean you can lock a player in the vehicle they stole from you inside a safezone.

Grey Areas.

When it comes to Safezones in Exile, there are many grey areas in the rules, as you can see above. Should you have an issue with other players, we advise that you ALWAYS take it up with an Admin either in TeamSpeak or Discord. And remember, the Grey areas are NOT for hiding in and Admin Discretion is in force here. What ever the Admin's decision is, that decision is final. Do not attempt to seek advice from another Admin after verdicts have been made.