Things we do NOT compensate for:

Last Updated 5th June 2019

Everything described in this page are things that can happen in ArmA 3 Exile that we most likely will not be compensating players for. We may compensate and help people out in situations described below in some circumstances for example, if we are already logged into that server with our Powers loaded.

Bugged vehicles/Gear/Situations/Etc.

These are known issues that may cause you to lose a vehicles and/or gear, or even your life.
There are ways around many of these issues. Some of these issues you just take a risk.


If you are kicked/disconnected on our servers, this can be down to many things. If our server is up and running and you are the only person being kicked/disconnected, we can only assume it was down to something on your end and we will check the logs to see what did actually happen. However, we will not be compensating you with Gear or Vehicles lost due to a kick/disconnect if the issue cannot be proved to be our fault. This also applies to a situation where you have been deliberately kicked by a member of staff for misconduct.

Capture Points

If you complete a Capture point and are kicked/disconnected and you return to find you have no money anymore, this is by design to stop people from logging out once they have won, to prevent themselves from risk. We will not be returning any lost earnings.

Bridges not Native to the maps.

If you chose to drive over a bridge on our maps that are not native to the map itself, you may experience some sinking into the ground issues. We will not compensate for your choice of transport between places split by bodies of water if anything happens to your vehicle.

Virtual Garage Explosions

When retrieving vehicles from the Virtual Garage, you may encounter the vehicle in a destroyed state which has decided to try and spawn inside an object such as a floor or wall. This is either because you parked it there, stored it and built over where you stored it forgetting you did this when you retrieve it, or you parked on top of base building objects. We will not compensate vehicles that have had this fate. We advise against parking choppers on top of bases for example because of that 1% chance of it being blown up.

Killer Rocks and Bushes

In ArmA 3, small bushes, rocks and other map objects that you would normally be able to drive through in game or real life for that matter, have been known to be deadly. We will not compensate for death by map object. Wipe off the blood and move on!

I'm Inside a Rock!

There is some simple advice we provide to players when they are stuck inside a rock or other map objects... Kill yourself. Select "Suicide" in the esc menu and respawn. Other than this, you may try glitching out using vehicles, rolling around etc. But will will not log in explicitly just to move you out of a rock. We may help if we are already logged in with our tools turned on.

My Vehicle Killed Me!

Sometimes, spawning a vehicle via the Xm8 may cause it to land in a funny way and flatten you. Respawn and try again.

Rappelling from a Chopper Blew us up!

Once upon a time, we removed this addon because this was happening, but you all asked for it back. So if you chose to rappel out of a chopper and the helicopter blows up, we won't be there to help.

Ka-52 Ejecto Seato!

Ejecting out of some modded vehicles causes all occupants to be ejected and not just yourself. If you find yourself in a voice chat with a pilot who is now screaming that you owe them 600k, we won't be there to help!

Pack and Poof!

When packing a Deployed vehicle, if there is another vehicle attached to it with a rope, you may find that the attached vehicle also goes bye bye. We will only laugh if you ask for comp on this one!

My Truck swallowed the loaded contents over restart!

If you loaded anything into a truck and the server restarted, sorry, but it's gone forever.

I had a gun and now I don't!

Sometimes guns like to disappear. We have no way of telling you why or what caused it, much like we cannot prove you ever had it. So we cannot give you a new one. Go and loot the nearest building and hope you find a good replacement.... And some ammo.

I can't Loot my Body!

Dead bodies like to do weird things. They can't help it though, because they are dead... If you can't reach it, neither can we.

My Crate Fell!

They do that sometimes due to desync and because you were probably flying too fast... Go and find it.

I logged out in safezone and when I logged back in, my vehicle was gone!

Vehicles unlock in safezones after restart on GADD. This is to prevent people from leaving them there indefiniately and cluttering up the area. We got rid of the 15 minute safe period rule because it kept causing arguments. So, simple solution... Don't leave vehicles in safezones over a restart if you intend to see it there again after restart.

I flipped it and it blew up!

We have coded the server so that it should flip your vehicle without blowing up the majority of the time. Unfortunately we don't promise 100% and it may blow up. We will not be comping for this on most occasions.

My base is gone!

Your base will most likely NOT be restored by a member of staff if you have forgotten to pay for your base or if it was raided legally. There may be rare circuimstances where we may restore the territory such as if the base was stolen illegitimately, however, it is highly unlikely to be restored if you didn't pay. We will take your situation into account for every situation and assess it accordingly. Please see our FAQ for information on Territory payment timings etc.