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To all the GADDBoyz and GADDmins
It's been many many months since my last check-in on the servers. Changing jobs and other priorities demand attention. Accordingly, Monkeynutz has put me out to pasture and I am now officially a Retired GADDmin.

Just want to give a shout out to all the players and the staff who I've enjoyed well over 1,000 hours with since GADD's first Exile server came online. I love this community and everyone who's played a role in making it what it is. A particular thanks to Monkeynutz for working til 4am local time more often than not to keep everything working, fresh, and fun for the whole gang, and to lords8n, for holding down the fort from the start and offering to bring me on board. Thanks to the GADDmins past and present. Thanks to Division By Zero for getting hit by a titan while stacking a crate on his Kamysh, getting launched 47 miles in the air, and making me spit coffee on my keyboard laughing.

I do not thank mjhac. I will never thank mjhac for anything. We are mortal enemies.

Though I may be out to pasture, I've yet to be led behind the barn and shot. When things settle down and I have some more time I'll be back on the servers. I can't wait for the day. When that day comes, I will ping the admins relentlessly and claim I lost $10m and 5 jets 8 months ago with no proof and throw a fit when I'm not comp'd, as is tradition.

Rusty Heart
- Rusty
Love you Rusty <3
@Rusty Fastcar We miss you so much! We hope everything is going well in your life and GADD Wouldn't be where it is today without your help! I have retired you so you can crack on and not worry about getting on as an admin and so that when you do get a chance to come back, you can play our servers and enjoy them.
But equally, the position in and will always be there for you should you wish to jump back into our team. The answer will always be yes.
You are the best Xi'an Pilot i've ever met and I still won't forget the day we first met because you dropped a missile on my face Big Grin
On behalf of the GADD Staff team and all the community members, We love you and thank you for everything <3
Hopefully we will catch up soon and you'll tell me to cancel the retirement Big Grin

Take care of yourself man.

See you around Wink

[Image: ada_by_tlouwhatsarah-d6q12jt.gif]

Come back BB
Hello Rusty,

It's been a while that's for sure.  We didn't get to know each other as well as I'd of liked but perhaps there was a reason for that but that's not important, I look forward to the days you'll be crying for an Admin in chat because your quad hit a bush and you died instantly Wink

That said I've no idea what the future holds but I will be here until the end end.  At some point should you grace us with your presence shoot me a message and / or add me on Steam so we can chat / game whenever you've got spare time to waste on good 'ol Herb.

Keeping things short and summarized definitely isn't my strong point.  Long story short my fondest memories of GADD were of a time long since passed and those times included you among others so I truly hope to see you again sometime.  Contact me here or wherever if you'd like my e-mail.

May the Force be with you Sir o7,

- Herb
@Rusty Fastcar
Not sure how I never saw this...

I wish you well my friend! We miss you here at GADD, but we understand life is more important than trying not to hit a bush on a quad bike in Arma.
I sure hope we can reconnect at some point and catch up on life! Take care.


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