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Banned because of accidental glitching
[b]Rules for appealing a ban.[/b]
In game name: 

samdbvu and jonah

Which server you play: 

GADD exile Tanoa

Your steam account 64id or link: 

https://steamcommunity.com/id/samdbvu31/   and   https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198343822030/ 

When you were banned: 
around 14:10 EST 31-08-2018
(in my timesone it was 8:10 pm)

How long you are banned for: 


If you know who, who issued the ban: 

I think it was TxFrog but i am not sure

Why do you think you were banned: 

we were banned because we accidentally clitched through a wall of someones base.

Before you were banned, what were you doing? Describe the situation:

My friend and I were heading to an icon that we have not seen before. It was the icon of a save being cracked is what was later told to me by TxFrog. after arriving we found a base and we looked arround and found a hole in a wall. we tried jumping through it but it was too high. I came with the idea to put a quad under it so we maybe could get more height. it was too far away so my friend moved it closer against the wall butt when he went out of the quad he glitched through the wall. he saw a person there and killed him out of shock and he got killed by the person inside the base. after hearingthe shots I tried to jump over the wall again but got stuck between the quad and wall wich made me glith through the wall too. After this TxFrog contacted us and explained to us why we were getting banned. we got banned and this is were we are at now.
Why you are appealing your ban:

The appeal is because we really did not want to glitch through that wall. the combination of us jumping against the wall and the glitching through made it look like phasing through the wall was our intention. But that is not the case. we were just curious and made a mistake by trying the wrong way to get in and so breaking the rules by mistake.

Anything else you wish to say: 

We are truely sorry and apologize for breaking the rules but it was not our plan to do it. We like the GADD server a lot and we have been playing on it for quitte a while. It was the first server in a long time we truly had fun on and we hope you can forgive us for our mistake so we can enjoy playing on this great server again.


Sam and Jonah
I would like to direct your attention to.

Whilst these are not InfiSTAR Bannable, Glitching and Exploiting the game or the server's code in any way will result in a Permanent ban from ALL GADD Servers, Past, Present and Future. This includes Glitching into bases and map objects (Rocks etc.) and Abusing bugs you have found within the code such as exploiting traders etc. Stream Sniping is bannable on PUBG, and people get banned for it all the time in other games, so do it here and have the same fate.

This is straight from our rules page.
And as you said you knowingly tried to use a quad to get into the building.

i can not remove this this ban nor would i in these circumstances. but that is up txfrog if he wants to appeal the ban.
But for me i would say No

I would like To clarify again that we tried to get a height advantage and not glitch through. I do not know if that would have counted as glitching and if trying to jump on object to vault over a wall counts as glitching we did not know that and are sorry for that.
@samdbvu The event you query was a ban issued by TxFrog that i gave the go-ahead for. He witnessed you glitch straight through the base. Then your friend proceeded to do the exact same thing. This was no accident, this was intentional.

See you around Wink

[Image: ada_by_tlouwhatsarah-d6q12jt.gif]

I will consider your appeal in a few days, until then it might be good to reconsider the whole "accident" explanation. Obviously, seeing after your friend glitched through you decided to do the same, it wasn't just a "accident" caused by a game bug. As I said to your friend, honesty will get you further here.
Still interested?
Post a new appeal when interested to join GADD again. locked

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