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Tanoa problams
Hello, Lots of things broken. Auto Running, night vision, major lag. 
Auto running comes and goes.
Same with night vision.
Lag for everyone happing more often.
Server just seems to be falling apart.
Well I have to say that I've witnessed these complaints myself from many other people and although I do not know the source of the problem(s) I feel that there are things we can do on our end to improve the performance of Tanoa however slightly.

Thing is.. with 30+ people on, 100+ bases, and a few other factors including Tanoa as a map itself being pretty taxing I think it's to be expected that the frames aren't going to be up to par at least not to the standard you had been used to.  In most cases people refer to their experience on KOTH Servers or other Exile servers and base their conclusions solely on those experiences comparing them to our server.

Thanks a lot for posting this Pops.  If there is something I, we, can do.  It shall be done.
FPS isn't a problem for me, I made the post for others, but concerned about auto run, night vision working and not working. Maybe cutting down on bases where players are just paying dues and not playing on server?

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