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Leaf Ban
In game name:


Which server you play:


Your steam account 64id or link:


When you were banned:

17:00ish gmt

How long you are banned for:


If you know who, who issued the ban:

Caleb ?

Why do you think you were banned:

Because some people think they cant be killed and i killed them.

Before you were banned, what were you doing? Describe the situation:

Doing a mission at blue pearl.

Why you are appealing your ban:

Like it here, this is my third time back on exile tanoa.

Anything else you wish to say:

I've only used the tools in game to get kills, tws thermal, player scan etc, subsonic ammo every encounter/kill I have had today has been at a mission and not in the wild. One of the players who accused me of cheating landed a taru on a mission that myself and feisar had cleared in the salt mine he landed in the middle of the salt mine and then got shot and cried that I had to be cheating cus I spotted him his name is Rashid , this is a crybaby witch hunt pure and simple, that has just gained traction as the day has progressed. People get shot going back to bodies in bambi gear whilst I have thermal and spot them easy and they cry esp.

One player thinks that because he has a ghillie suit on he can't be spotted on thermal well i was using a nightstalker scope when boggit killed him that was a result of three players using player scan to figure out his location turns out we didn't need to he was in the most obvious spot on rocks skylining near the east side black market trader. He got killed because team work and comms. That player was called Minikinetik.

Please look into this as this is a mistake.

You were banned as I had multiple reports from multiple people saying that you were one shooting them from around 1km while they were going 40kph+ in a mrzr. I then began to watch you for a period of time where I noticed what looked like you were snapping onto people and one instince of you running full spring and stopping and firing a shot before you even stopped moving and headshot someone from over 200 meters.
1. The only person I shot out of a mrzr was rashid after I stole his strdier in rochele and I used a ksvk and the shot was about 150m.

2. You logged in when we was at blue pearl when I killed rashids friend who was in bambi kit who completely missed boggit with a qilin minigun at about 100m I used a bushmaster with a acog rmr scope that thermal works through to kill him that is not hard at all.

3. Honeybadge/bushmaster/ar.15 have practically zero recoil and you dont need headshots to one shot people with tac rounds.

4. You have zero proof only the words of raging noobs.
Topic Closed.

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