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Ban wtf
Me and my 2 gaming buddies have just been the subject to a Ban with no proof and no discussion . Seemingly because a few people cried enough to an Admin . If this is how you want to run what i thought was a good server . I realyy don`t know what to say . What have i done ? On server it said friend of hacker ? Any one can look at the logs and any of my stats . I am not walking away from this , it is an outrage . Can someone please respond to this and sort it out .

I really am angry that i can be banned for just playing the game .

Right calmed down a little . and read posting instructions . 
In game name Boggit
Steam Id don`t know
Exile Tanoa
Banned today at 17 : 25 approx
Admin Caleb
At Rochelle trader after doing mission at Blue Pearl deciding what to do next .
No idea at all why banned . I DO NOT CHEAT .
Appealing because its absolute crap and i do not want to be tarnished by a false accusation .
The only other thing i want to say  . Is i really can`t believe that a couple of people crying about being beaten in game have enough pull to get an innocent person banned . Especially from something that i play a lot and by the rules .
Hello, You were banned for being friends and grouped with a suspected hacker.
(07-20-2018, 10:31 PM)Caleb Rockford Wrote: Hello, You were banned for being friends and grouped with a suspected hacker.

So as an Admin of this server . You have Banned without proof another person for playing with a guy you suspect of hacking . No proof but based on a crying third party story of a guy being shot out of a moving vehicle . And you following him for 5 mins and witnessing a straight forward kill . I don`t how many hours you have spent playing Arma or if the guys crying are friends or donaters . But this is just plain wrong . I have been playing online in various games as Boggit or Boggit1 for 20 years . And in that time i have never cheated or used any kind of hack . You have in one fell swoop And , i say again without any proof . Destryed my online gaming credibility and my faith in being treated fairly . And it`s down to a bunch of inexperienced gamers playing against people who spend a lot of time doing this . Who can`t take being killed or losing a few poptabs . On a server where it`s so easy to make money . Me and my co - accused often end up giving millions away in the safe zone to fresh starters .
  I`m disgusted and so unbelievably angry about this . Is there no-one willing to put the effort in to look at any real evidence ? If not . That Ban stick of yours is going to get a lot of use . All the half decent players will suffer and you will be left with a bunch of entitled noobs .
You were grouped with a script kiddie in-game we suspect you are obviously friends and will take no risks, appeal denied.
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