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Unban Bems request
In game name: Arma 3 Exile
Which server you play:  GADD Exile Tanoa|100K Start|MILITARIZED|Custom Missions|Load+
Your steam account 64id or link: 76561197991190968
When you were banned: Banned a long time - about a year ago
How long you are banned for: Permanently 
If you know who, who issued the ban: -
Why do you think you were banned: Sold a box of weapons-which was dropped from a helicopter on the trading floor.
Before you were banned, what were you doing? Describe the situation: Played, swung, survived.
Why you are appealing your ban: Want to play survival, I have long with you and I'm bored ((
Anything else you wish to say: Giving ban forever-for sold box - left unattended-is too much...(most likely it was a box admin and he took offense).

Banned a long time - about a year ago, for what sold someone's box of weapons-on the trading floor, remove the ban please.
@Bems This ban appeal is shit. Try again.
[Topic closed]

See you around Wink

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