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Ban Appeal Atomic
Which server you play: Chernarus Mill Exile

Your steam account 64id or link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055513217/

When you were banned: 7/9/18

How long you are banned for: Perm? (Maybe 6Hours) - Unsure -

If you know who, who issued the ban: Herb

Why do you think you were banned: "Ramming"
Before you were banned, what were you doing? Describe the situation: I drove up to a group of 2 BMPS, after a AH-1z Mission. The Heli went down thinking they would go save there bud i could get into one of the tanks and turn the tide of the conflict that was about to ensue. I pulled up behind one and hopped out of my mrz while running to the bmp that i drove behind it began to drive forward.  It out ran me having the other ending up blasting me away. Neither was the MRZ/BMP damaged nor either blew up. I had a really good kit on me at the same time so in the first place why would i ram? 

Why you are appealing your ban: Error/Misguided Ban

Anything else you wish to say:

I already have known ramming was against the rules due to my first day on the server i had rammed a person. I didn't read the rules prior, after becoming aware of this i paid the individual and also said sorry and had my bank drained. I also came out saying yeah i rammed the individual when it happened. I am an honest player, i see no reason to lie when it comes to a simple video game.

You were banned for: Ramming with Spawn Vehicles & Ramming in Safezones
Length: 6 hours (temp)

I have been keeping watch on the players since we launched Cherno and it's unfortunate but rules that should be common sense are broken so many times everyday.  This has led to our change in stance regarding how we handle situations involving these broken rules that should be common sense, you've been given multiple chances and warnings.

As you said, you already know ramming is against the rules but with my own eyes I watched you ram a vehicle with an MRZR-4 (Spawn Vehicle) the vehicle was stationary and you drove straight into it because of this I will not be lifting your ban.  You can come back and play after you've had time to read all of our rules thoroughly.

I really do hope you do not intentionally ram with a spawn vehicle again.  The next time you are caught intentionally ramming with a spawn vehicle or in safezones you will be banned permanently.

Thank you for your time,

- Herb (Admin)

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