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Kick from server
Hello, I was trying to join for the first time tonight.

I am getting kicked everytime, i dont know why, all my mods are updated and everything is running fine.

Thank you.
What's the kickmessage?
(07-04-2018, 05:23 PM)Root Wrote: What's the kickmessage?

''you were kicked from the server''

That's all i know.

But as i tried to enter the chernarus server, I've got the following error:

- hlc_rifle_Honeybase scope = prive


bin/config.bin/cfg weapons

idk if it has something to do with my issue, but i thought it might help.
Otherwise, I am unable to see the chat before getting kicked, due to the exile loading page.
@GhostLeader123 I will need your UID.

See you around Wink

[Image: ada_by_tlouwhatsarah-d6q12jt.gif]

(07-07-2018, 11:31 PM)Monkeynutz Wrote: @GhostLeader123 I will need your UID.

heres my UID: 76561198098112659
Any follow up? it's been a week now without news
@GhostLeader123 All has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.
For quicker support, visit our Discord.

[Topic Closed]

See you around Wink

[Image: ada_by_tlouwhatsarah-d6q12jt.gif]


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