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1st Battalion, 3rd Marines. Looking to group.

I am SSgt Wilder with the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines i represent the core of Exile players. Inside of my 'MILSIM UNIT' we are not an casual unit, we are not an Realism unit. We are the "MILSIM UNIT" we do things other units don't do *Minus virtual PT" we have had over 40 members come and go through our doors since April. We are not poaching from this community at all, we have zero desire to do so. Because we have strict requirements to even be in our unit in the first place, my unit has something other units do not have. As we being the 1/3 Marines, we have the luxury to have real life Marines in our midst they know things most people do not know. With that being said they get tired of "MILSIM" to they are only humans some love Arma more than others, and thus they play Exile so this... is more of an Experiment on my part. To bring my guys over who love to play Exile, We are looking for members to join [GADD] [1st Battalion, 3rd Marines] in server because we want non-members from 1/3 MILSIM UNIT aswell. We are an Passive Agressive clan inside server, for example if an mission spawns near our base. And depending on what it is, we will ignore it or kill any and all things at or trying to get there. Yes this even means bambi's... but we are also looking for CLANS to ally with aswell we will be in an Private TS for communcation purposes i will not post it here. But if you wish to seek more info, PM here on the site or reply down below.

P.S Again we are not recruiting for the Milsim, we are recruiting for people inside [GADD] Exile Tanoa Server...
Sounds like fun... I would prefer you used our TeamSpeak though. We can designate channels if needs be.

See you around Wink

[Image: ada_by_tlouwhatsarah-d6q12jt.gif]


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