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BattleEye kicking me from server
So this has happened to all of my 6 friends whom have played on the server.
Also have noticed it constantly in the side chat.

Randomly, with no shown reason, BattleEye will give a message saying BattleEye client not responding, and kick that player from the server. When they attempt to rejoin, it will last all of about a minute or so before doing the same thing over and over again.

Restarting computers, routers, deleting and redownloading BattleEye files, a full reinstall.
None of these solutions fix the issue.
I even joined another server with BattleEye and played for a full hour with no issues. Joined back thinking that BattleEye had stopped wigging out, but alas, I was mistaken.

Other servers work fine, with no issue. With and without mods.

Only solution is wait for server reset

Just super frustrated over here. I love this server and am slowly becoming addicted to it. I just want to play ARMA lol.

Please Help
-Thank you,
Hundreds of people have this problem, the solution is known BE need to fix their shit although, you could try reinstalling the be_client.dll or awaiting server restart.
OK so i think i found a fix. just use a free vpn. and when you get the issue turn it on. this effectively changes your ip which causes battleye to stop kicking u after a crash.

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