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=AA= Batman un-ban request

if possible could i ask for =AA= Batman to be unbanned.

He doesnt understand certain things. However a few members have had a word with him.

Many thanks
=AA= Ken
You can't do a ban appeal for your friend and also use make sure to use the format

In game name:
Which server you play:
Your steam account 64id or link:
When you were banned:
How long you are banned for:
If you know who, who issued the ban:
Why do you think you were banned:
Before you were banned, what were you doing? Describe the situation:
Why you are appealing your ban:
Anything else you wish to say:
What @lewiscullen1 said.
[Topic Closed]
I'm gonna add this, your group has been around for quite a while, glad you guys recently came back, but we will not put up with the BS you guys were pulling earlier. I will not lift the ban, you know very well you guys were breaking the rules yet not one from your group out a stop to it, and if I get this video sent to me of you doing the same thing Ken you will have a 12hr ban added as well. Next time it will be harsher.

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