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Banned for glitching.. appeal
In the wall of shame it states I was banned for glitching into Nick's K bases. This is incorrect, I blew 1 x wall away, and he has a flag free to see with 1 x floor going through the middle of the base of the flag, if you crawl on your belly you get the option to take the flag. When I do character stands up to take the flag it put you through the floor and after 100% kick you away saying your too far... to take the flag.

Issue is this type of rule is against the rules as it states 1 x person between walls so a floor.

Check the base you will see 1 x floor though the base. I sure Nick will confirm he had 1 x wall missing that day too.
Hello Loosecannon,

Who was it that banned you and is there anyway you'd be able to hop on teamspeak to speak to said admin about the situation?

Unbanned a while ago.

[Topic Closed]

See you around Wink

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