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Conner Matthews Ban Appeal
I was perm banned off of everything including the forums and had to make a separate account to post this.

In game name: Conner Matthews
Which server you play: Panthera
Your steam account 64id or link: 76561198157328172
When you were banned: 4:32 AM may 25th 2018 (CST)
How long you are banned for: Permanently 
If you know who, who issued the ban: Root1
Why do you think you were banned: I was trying to sort out an issue with battle eye and they were attempting to help me but to no avail, therefore losing the 2.5 mil bounty from the Felis Prison. I took the loss and just left it till restart. At the restart, I returned to Vatra Safezone where my jet was parked and it was gone entirely. Two people in chat said that had seen it blown up outside of safe zone by the south gas station right below trader. afrok had a screenshot, but they refused for me to give it to them and permanently banned me from every server.
Before you were banned, what were you doing? Describe the situation: I continued to join the channel asking if I can show them a screenshot when they said: "We need evidence of the wreck in order to comp you." Mind you, the LOCKED plane managed to end up outside of the same zone exploded. Ramming? Airlifting? They wouldn't even check logs. THERE WAS FOUR of them in the TS channel
Why you are appealing your ban: I play on the server daily and have established myself fairly well.

My TS3 Name: Conner Matthews
And now ban evasion, do not lie to our administration team get banned and then bullshit again. This ban will remain.
(05-25-2018, 10:43 AM)ConnnerMatthews Wrote: They wouldn't even check logs.

We can't see vehicles being pushed/blown up/lifted in the logs... That would be impossible to log lmfao

See you around Wink

[Image: ada_by_tlouwhatsarah-d6q12jt.gif]


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