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Welcome! Introduce yourself
(09-26-2017, 10:50 AM)Monkeynutz Wrote: Hey Vic!

Hey Harry! =D
New here, but not new to GADD (played on the Arma servers quite a bit). Figured I would get back into Arma again, and GADD always seemed like it had some cool people in it.

My real name is Josh, and I like video games!
Bump. Forums Tongue, anyone still kicking around these ancient things that hasn't introduced themselves yet?
Thanks to Monkeynutz, can finally log in (Thank you).

Not quite as old as ]R[ Popspower, but not that far behind either. Unlike many that pick their names, my in-game name was given to me based upon my playstyle back in the early 90's. Rarely seen, I'm always nearby stalking my intended target. My longest was 52 hrs of time in-game stalking my target before finally taking the shot; I've been called the stealthiest ArmA player of all time. 

Been playing on the Chernarus server for about 2 months now.
:]v[: Founder of the Harmattan Vanguard Clan :]v[:
In-game Tags :]v[:  ,  [Hv]  ,  [Harm]
Stumble out of bed, fill a bowl of ganja, boot up Steam, and go hunting for thrills and spills. Pants and personal hygiene are optional. Been playing Gadd for years Tanoa mostly. Check out my in-game vids YouTube 

See ya on the battlefield

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