General Rules

Last Updated 28th September 2020

Hacking/Exploiting & Malicious Actions

These offences are punishable with an InfiSTAR Global Ban.

Permanent Ban

Glitching/Exploiting/Stream Sniping

Whilst these are not InfiSTAR Bannable, Glitching and Exploiting the game or the server's code in any way will result in a Permanent ban from ALL GADD Servers, Past, Present and Future. This includes Glitching into bases and map objects (Rocks etc.) and Abusing bugs you have found within the code such as exploiting traders etc. Stream Sniping is bannable on PUBG, and people get banned for it all the time in other games, so do it here and have the same fate.

Permanent Ban

False Reports

False complaints against any other player for Hacking, duping, stealing, and glitching will not be tolerated. THIS INCLUDES ADMIN ABUSE CLAIMS. Lying to an admin about a base/vehicle belonging to you and lying to an admin about any situation wont be tolerated. FYI: Admins are required to log in with [GADDmin] infront of their name otherwise they won't have access to their admin tools. They will NEVER be playing the game as a regular player with these tags and Admin logs are displayed in areas admins can see.


It is the responsibility of the player to track down lost or rolled-back vehicles. In some circumstances a vehicle can be replaced (at the admin's discretion). Log out and lock vehicles at least 10mins before restart to avoid frustration.


General Rules apply here. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated in any method communication run by Gaming At Death's Door. Only Exception would be Group chat and Vehicle Chat where it's your friends and it's friendly Banter. (We can take jokes here)

Combat Logging


General Conduct towards our staff

We, as staff here at Gaming At Death's Door are not obliged to help. We are here by choice and do not HAVE to help anyone. We will, however, act in a professional way and we will talk to you in the same way you talk to us. Do not demand, do not get rude, once our decisions are made, you might disagree but, take it on the chin and move on. It's a video game. If you have any problems with admins or admin decisions, you are entitled to take it higher but don't do it in a way where you announce it or be rude about it. The best way is to accept the admin's decision for now and Privately message a Head Admin or Owner. We will not penalize for disagreements.
Also if you know an admin is in game and they are playing under a different name DO NOT call them by their actual name via Side Chat or give their name away to other people who do not spend all their play time looking at the steam/a3launcher player list like sad pricks.


If you are using offensive names as a profile name/base name/group name, you may be asked to change it. Please don't get rude about it and do as we say quickly and politely.



Permanent Ban

Respect Farming

Using our Trader System to purchase and sell items over and over again in succession whether it be mass buying and mass selling later or doing it quickly at the same time, in order to gain Respect, is not allowed. It is exploiting the Trader System of Exile. Go and get Respect legitimately by other means.

Ban and Account may be reset.


Ramming in the safe zone is a prohibited, even if it is your friend. Also, using any deployed vehicles to ram into any other vehicles inside and outside of safezones is against the rules. Running people over whilst outside of a safezone using said vehicles does not count, you may still do that. Deployable vehicles will NOT be used to ram or destroy other vehicles. They are intended solely for the purpose of transportation.

Armed Vehicles in Bases

You cannot sit in your base with a re-arm vehicle to continuously re-arm a vehicle so there is an infinite stream of ammunition. You must also not sit your Armed Vehicle inside of a room inside your base at which no one else can destroy the Vehicle. You must have an open aired area to sit your Armed Vehicle inside of, thus allowing people to fairly take out your Armed Vehicles.

Re-arm Vehicles

Same as the above rule, you cannot sit with a re-arm vehicle close to your vehicles so that there is an infinite stream of ammunition.

Vehicle Ownership

Vehicle ownership transfers to the player who drove or flew the vehicle into the safe zone, even if that vehicle was taken from the original owner outside of the safe zone. When two competing players enter a safe zone in the same vehicle, they have dual ownership, and the vehicle can be taken by either player. In this circumstance, either player can sell the vehicle while still in trader, or can assume sole ownership by leaving trader in the vehicle alone. This does NOT mean you can lock a player in the vehicle they stole from you inside a safezone.


No logging out in an enemy territory unless the server is restarting and you are actively raiding the base and intend to log back in straight away after restart. If you are absent after restart for more than 20 minutes, this will be considered base logging. The same as if you log out half-way through a restart inside an enemy territory, don't do it.
We have our reasons, if you wish to know of these reasons, contact us on Discord.

Player killed. Possible ban.

Blocking and Mining runways

Please don't do this. This goes for mining runways at Black Market Vehicle Traders. There is code in place to prevent this but don't do it if you can do it.

Friend's flags

Under no circumstances will you have a friend steal your base flag. Nor will you steal a friends flag. This is exploiting the system. If you wish to have a flag moved, notify an admin.

Out of bounds

Do not use the outside of the map for a combat advantage. This includes gaining altitude to attack people for example.

Multiple Accounts

You are only permitted to use one account on GADD Exile. If you are found to have more than one, the one with the least money/respect will be banned.

Grey Areas.

Should you have any issues or queries with our rules, we advise that you ALWAYS take it up with an Admin either in TeamSpeak or Discord. And remember, the Grey areas are NOT for hiding in and Admin Discretion is in force here. What ever the Admin's decision is, that decision is final. Do not attempt to seek advice from another Admin after verdicts have been made.

Herb's Rules...